Energy Efficiency

  • Vinyl is one of the least conductive materials available to help maintain consistent temperatures in your home
  • 3/4” insulating glass unit set deep into the sash reduces temperature transfer and condensation.
  • The U-channel design of the Intercept® spacer system reduces transfer of heat and cold and flexes with temperature fluctuations to maintain an effective seal

No Hassles

  • Designed to lift, slide or crank with minimal effort
  • Available grids between-the-glass provide a smooth easy to clean glass surface
  • Vinyl construction will never require sanding, painting and scraping

A Breath of Fresh Air

  • Rollformed screen
  • Fiberglass mesh screen is crease resistant and durable
  • Air Lok™ provides partial ventilation without completely opening the window

Built to Weather Life

  • Fusion-welded construction provides durability and weather-resistance
  • Multiple points of weatherstripping inhibit wind and rain penetration

Beauty that Endures

  • Premium vinyl will retain its beauty for years with virtually no maintenance
  • Color-matched hardware blends seamlessly with the window
  • Raised exterior coordinates with the architecture of your home

Maximum Efficiency

  • ProSolar® Low E glass with Argon gas reduces temperature transfer to help lower energy costs and keep your home comfortable all year long.
  • Supercept™ spacer system utilizes a stainless steel alloy that offers increased durability and thermal efficiency.
  • Regionally specific ENERGY STAR® glass packages for the Southern, South-Central, North-Central, North climate zones

Screen Options

  • With an attractive streamlined appearance, the durable extruded frame offers a concealed weep system and integrated lift handles.
  • Aluminum screen mesh offers increased durability and is insect resistant
  • Full screen on select styles
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