Commercial and Residential Aluminum Awnings

One Stop Shopping for Commercial & Residential Aluminum Awnings

Commercial and Residential Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum Awnings:

  • Stepdown Awnings
  • Made From Prefinished Aluminum in Various Colors.
  • For Covering Exterior Doors, Windows, Docks, Carports and Storefronts.


Stepdown Awning Sheets

Durable all aluminum patio cover creates new shelter for your family protection, family car and business! Make an emphasis on style with a cover that keynotes your architectural scheme. Smart horizontal lines convey the contemporary mood, with a choice of decorator colors and a variety of trims!

The perfect patio cover will deflect the sun, save energy, reduce air conditioning costs, provide wonderful shade, shelter weather and keep out the wind and cold. Add months to your outdoor pleasure while adding a new distinction to your home or business.

Doorway Awnings

An attractive, protective door canopy will be a welcome addition to your home. Your porch, entrance or storefront will be protected from rain, sleet or snow. Your guests will always have shelter as they enter and leave. Door canopies help to eliminate messy floors and dirty carpets by keeping rain and slush from the entrance. Your door and woodwork will also be fully protected from the weather.

Awnings – An Energy Saving Bonus

Did you know that properly placed aluminum awnings can reduce the summer temperature in a room by as much as 8 to 15 degrees? Tests by The National Bureau of Standards and The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers have clearly demonstrated the value of window awnings as a viable energy saving resource for most homeowners.

One test by The Bureau of Standards demonstrated how awnings on two windows of a four hundred square foot room cut the air conditioning requirements from a large one horsepower 200 volt unit to a 3/4 horsepower 100 volt unit; with resultant savings on the purchase price of the air conditioner, the wiring, and overall operating costs. In addition, the same researchers found that aluminum awnings provide an energy saving bonus in winter time as well, by cutting drafts and thereby reducing fuel usage.

Fashion and Color

A variety of styles, a rainbow of colors….you coordinate your own colorful Aluminum Awnings. They will make the most beautiful additions for your home… improving both its appearance and value!

Hunter RedHunter Red
Mocha TanMocha Tan
Heron BlueHeron Blue
Terra CottaTerra Cotta
Antique WhiteAntique White
Polar WhitePolar White
Ivy GreenIvy Green
Autumn BrownAutumn Brown
Fern GreenFern Green
Williamsburg BlueWilliamsburg Blue
Vivid CreamVivid Cream
Raven BlackRaven Black
Jonquil YellowJonquil Yellow
Cadet GrayCadet Gray


While these color spot deposits reproduce actual “Decorator Colors” with reasonable accuracy, they are for color identification only.

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